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People move, cultures meet

Visit The Western Norway Emigration Centre:
discover the prairie village at Radøy outside Bergen.

Open at appointment for groups all year

12.05-24.06 : Open Sundays between 11.00-15.00

25.06- 25.08: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 11.00-15.00

Adults: NOK 110
Children: free
Groups (min. 10 people): NOK 110 per person

The Western Norwegian Emigration Centre is an open-air museum of
buildings built by Norwegian-Americans in the USA and later moved to
Norway. Visit the Emigrant Church, the school, the doctor's office, a
residential house, town hall and prison. We tell the story of the great
Norwegian emigration to America, and about emigration, immigration, and
cultural encounters in our time.

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