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Experience unique museums and cultural landscapes in Bergen and Nordhordland.

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MUHO has five visitor destinations in the area around Bergen, focused on living natural and cultural heritage, textile history and industry, and migration.



MUHO has extensive experience with and knowledge about caring for historic buildings and collections, and carries out conservation of a variety of materials.

Bringeduk (Foto/Photo)Havrå. Mann sler med langorv og dame som rakar. Bratte bakkar. Ei hesje og eit gjerde. Fjord. Bygd på andre sida av fjorden. Fjell. Høsspentmaster.  (Foto/Photo)Mønsterark (Foto/Photo)Åkle (Foto/Photo)Gardinprøve (Foto/Photo)Stoffprøve (Foto/Photo)Åkle (Foto/Photo)Koffert (Foto/Photo)

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