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MUHO is a museum for living cultural, natural, and industrial heritage, and a competence centre for conservation and care for historic buildings in Vestland. We are located in Salhus outside Bergen, Norway, and on the nearby islands of Lygra, Radøy and Osterøy.

Farming on nature's terms: experience one of the best-preserved cluster farms in Norway on Osterøy.

Get closer to nature. Visit the heather moors on Lygra, learn about sustainable landscape management, and sample local specialties.

Learn about life on the islands and villages north of Bergen. Immerse yourself in the region's textile history.

How are clothes made? Experience the knitwear factory from 1859 and see new Norwegian textile art in Galleri Salhus.

People move, cultures meet. Discover the Norwegian-American prairie village on Radøy, and learn about migration in the past and present.

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