About us

The Heathland Centre at Lygra in Nordhordland is a Norwegian and international knowledge centre for the coastal heathlands. We protect the landscape through active farming, share traditions and provide unique experiences. Here you can walk on prepared paths in a historic landscape, just as it has been along this coastline for 5000 years. The centre is located 50 minutes from Bergen by car.

  • Lyngheisenteret på Lygra og landskapet rundt med blomeeng. Foto (Foto/Photo)
    Informasjonsbygget på Lyngheisenteret Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 1 av 10)
  • lyng og torvhus (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 2 av 10)
  • oversiktsbilete over Lygra i Nordhordland med påskriven tekst (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 3 av 10)
  • sauesanking: sauar i båsar med folk rundt, sjø i bakgrunnen (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 4 av 10)
  • to menn og ei kvinne vurderer ein sauefell (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 5 av 10)
  • kvinne fargar gult garn i gryte, gutar ser på (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 6 av 10)
  • villsau i bås, tilskodarar ser på (Foto/Photo)
    Lyngheisenteret (Bilde 7 av 10)
  • vêrar med horn i kystlandskap (Foto/Photo)
    A. Langøy (Bilde 8 av 10)
  • Mann brenn lyng. foto (Foto/Photo)
    A. Langøy (Bilde 9 av 10)
  • sau i kystlandskap (Foto/Photo)
    A. Langøy (Bilde 10 av 10)

A living landscape

The heathlands are Europe's cultural landscape along the Atlantic Ocean, from Portugal in the south to Lofoten in the north. Today, it is threatened by extinction. As much as 90 percent of European heathlands have been lost in the past 100 years due to cultivation, pollution, and overgrowth. The Heathland Centre protects the heather moors through farming, and preserves the knowledge and traditions associated with the use of the landscape.

A great nature experience

The Heathland Centre is the only place in Europe today where authentic heathlands are run by local farmers and are also open to the public. Experience the heathlands and the cultural landscape on the island Lygra, with its rich bird life, flora, and fauna. Here, it is only you and nature.

Learn about use of resources on a heather farm in the past: a stark contrast to our consumerist society. What can you do to lead a more environmentally friendly life? At the Heathland Centre you can learn through practical experiences. Expand your knowledge about the coastal heathlands and biodiversity through films and exhibitions.

The Heathland Centre received the UNESCO Global Cultural Landscape Award in 2001, and in 2005 the centre was awarded the Council of Europe – Europa Nostra's cultural landscape award for “its pioneering role in the protection of authentic heathlands, and the maintenance of biodiversity and traditional knowledge related to the landscape".