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Open call - Artist in Residency

  • Ellen M. Fiære Risbruna / Tekstilindustrimuseet

The Textile Industry Museum/Gallery Salhus – Artist in Residency 2024

Artist in residency at The Textile Industry Museum/Gallery Salhus, Bergen, Norway

  • For artists focusing on textile materials and/or processes, industry, history of labour etc.

Gallery Salhus offers an artist residency at The Textile Industry Museum in Salhus, Bergen, Norway, spring, and autumn 2024. Salhus is an industrial town built around the old factory Salhus Tricotagefabrik AS, which ran from 1859 to 1989. The Textile Industry Museum aim to provide a space for focus and reflection, while also contributing to the development of visual artistry and promoting contact between artists with different approaches to our museum/museum collection/ Salhus and the City of Bergen.

Artist in Residency for 2024 will take place both in the spring and autumn, from approx. 15. April to 15 May and approx. 15. August to 15. September 2024.

  • Ellen M. Fiære Risbruna / Tekstilindustrimuseet


Applications will be assessed by 3 professionals at The Textile Industry Museum/Gallery Salhus.

Application deadline: 21st January, you can expect an answer before 6st February. Link to application form.

Please send your CV to this email: galleri.salhus@muho.no

Who are eligible to apply?

All professional artists working in any textile media/technique, or having a project related to textile industry/ history of labour. You can apply as an individual or as an artist duo. The residency is personal, and there is no opportunity to bring family, partners, etc. 

The artist residency is open to applicants from all countries.

  • Ellen M. Fiære Risbruna / Tekstilindstrimuseet

What can the Textile Industry Museum / Gallery Salhus offer?

We offer shared accommodation for two people in the very first schoolhouse in Salhus, from 1878. It has 2 bedrooms, shared kitchen, toilet and living room, as well as a shower cubicle and washing machine in another building. Internet is installed in the residence. In addition, we can offer a shared workspace for the two artists. We have sewing machines and a manual knitting machine available upon request.

The factory with its unique rooms and collections is available weekdays during ordinary working hours (08-15:30). Salhus with its distinct character and beautiful scenery is available around the clock. We wish to facilitate different explorations of artistic practice combined with time for reflection and focus. 

An important element of the residency is the meeting between the two artists. The two selected artists will share a home and hope this can result in a fruitful exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

The only expectation we have towards the artist residents is a brief artist presentation towards the end of the residency period. The presentation will be open to the public.

The residency is for two persons and has a duration of 4 weeks. The two artists receive an individual honorarium of NOK 5000 as well as free housing and a common workspace.

The schoolhouse provides the basics of furnishing and equipment:

  • Bedroom 1: 120 cm bed, wardrobe, chair, shelf.
  • Bedroom 2: 160 cm bed, wardrobe, chair, desk and a bedside table.
  • Kitchen: Fridge freezer, stove and basic kitchen utensils. No dishwasher.
  • Living room: Sofa, sofa table, dining table for 2-4 people, bookshelf.

  • Salhus Tricotagefabrik as seen from the seaside.
    Trond Isaksen
  • 2/7
    Trond Isaksen
  • 3/7
    Helge Sunde
  • 4/7
    Helge Sunde
  • 5/7
    Thor Brødreskift
  • 6/7
    Thor Brødreskift
  • 7/7
    Thor Brødreskift
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